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Sassaia di Albereto and Chianti, another great Tuscan

Tuscany’s Chianti. The “Tuscan wine” par excellence, is one of the most well-known made-in-Italy products. This is why, in addition to our excellent Chianti Classico from Le Bocce, our production in this region includes another holding in Subbiano. Positioned on the east bank of the Arno River, halfway between Arezzo and Bibbiena: welcome to L’Albereto.

Here our Chianti is a masterful interpretation of sangiovese: the grape most representative of Tuscany. It is an essential quadrant of our production map, which pays meticulous attention to the excellent wines of our country.

Again, from sangiovese, and only sangiovese, through careful vinification and barrel-aging in our cellar here in Albereto, we create our noble Sassaia di Albereto.

The celebrated and well-beloved traditions of Tuscany deserve great homage – we do our part through our work at Albereto and Casentino.

The Terroir

The Casentino area offers high-quality agricultural products: honey, fruit and ancient grains. It is of great historical value for both wine and culture. In the proclamation of Cosimo III, dated 1716 – the first recognition of a wine denomination in the world – one of the four areas declared most suitable for viticulture was “the mountain adjacent to Casentino”: the upper Valdarno.


From these fertile lands, of medium-tending to compact density, with the presence of dark clay and shells, our vines are able to thrive and consistently give forth beautifully ripe fruit. From this, we produce wines with optimal phenolic ripening and great structure.


Cold but healthy winters, summers with good daytime-night time temperature contrasts. The credit for this precious microclimate goes to the peaks of Casentino, which create and protect it.


One of the most widely planted grape varieties in Italy, sangiovese, has found its true home in the central part of the peninsula. Right here, precisely in Albereto.

The Wines

Bianco di Toscana Passo Albereto

Bianco di Toscana Novembre

Rosso Toscano - Sassaia di Albereto

Ginestra - Chianti