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White Wines

Freshness and aroma, a thousand made in Italy scents

Bringing the autochthonous to a great, explosive pleasantness without ever renouncing respect for the territory. This is our oenological philosophy, which gives all Stefano Farina wines an incredible modernity and an enviable pleasantness.

From the delicacy of a Gavi to the aromas of a Moscato d’Asti, from the fruity aromas of meditation whites to the exotic ones of pure sauvignon blanc, our Whites are an inebriating cross-section of freshness in the form of wine.

Bianco del Salento Donna Giovanna

Bianco di Toscana Passo Albereto

Bianco di Toscana Novembre

Moscato d’Asti

Langhe Doc Chardonnay