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Red Wines

Evolution of the territory

Pleasantness and drinkability, without ever giving up the great respect and enhancement of the terroirs. From Barolo to Chianti Classico, from Dolcetto to Barbera d’Alba, from the Tuscan tradition based on Sangiovese to the character of the Salento Primitivo, our Reds travel through an oenological journey that from Piedmont to Puglia – passing through Tuscany – is a great enhancement of indigenous combined with research and innovation.

Salice Salentino

Negroamaro del Salento

Primitivo del Salento

Rosso Toscano - Sassaia di Albereto

Rosso Toscano Il Paladino

Chianti La Ginestra

Chianti Classico Riserva

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

Chianti Classico


Nebbiolo d’Alba

Langhe Rosso Le Brume

Dolcetto Diano d’Alba

Barolo Riserva


Barbera d’Alba Silenzio