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San Quirico

Home of Dolcetto

At Diano d’Alba, we find a land of great wine making tradition, a natural balcony overlooking the Bassa Langa. Since 1995, we have made the most of the vines covering these hills surrounding Alba: dolcetto and barbera. Grapes that give their names to two highly celebrated Piedmont wines.

Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba has a decidedly fruity bouquet and we offer it as a ready to drink wine: on the nose, it presents a strong grapeyness combined with aromas of black fruit. Barbera d’Alba, historically more acidic, evolves into a wine with character and good structure due to our excellent work in the vineyard and cellar.

We produce these two grand Piedmontese wines, here in San Quirico, as well as others that are typical of the area: Barbaresco, Nebbiolo d’Alba, Langhe Rosso, Gavi, Moscato, and Arneis.

The Terroir

Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba is produced throughout the entire municipal territory, which winds its way over the hills at a constant altitude of 500 meters. These ridges have the best exposure and are thus the most suited to viticulture. In Piedmontese, they are called “sörì”, meaning, “well positioned”.


Clay soils, rich in calcareous marl, excellent drainage and compactness ensure a good balance between the vegetative and reproductive phases of the vine.


An early ripening vine, dolcetto prefers medium to high altitudes. Cool summer nights promote the development of sufficient malic acid, which, after transformation during fermentation and then aging, adds complexity and freshness to the wine.


Along with dolcetto, we cultivate the purple-black barbera grape, which is among the most widely-grown in Italy, second only to sangiovese. Our vines absorb their particular taste and scent from the soil of San Quirico.

The Wines

Moscato d’Asti

Langhe Doc Chardonnay


Nebbiolo d’Alba

Langhe Rosso Le Brume

Dolcetto Diano d’Alba

Barbera d’Alba Silenzio

Barbera d’Alba