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La Traversa

Barolo, the prestige of Piedmont

We have always been very proud of this Estate. Not surprisingly, it was our first choice. Here, from Nebbiolo grapes, we create our best Barolos (vintage and Riserva), thanks to the excellent position of the vineyards: exposed mainly to the south/south-east, they enjoy the optimal altitude for this vine which prefers many hours of sunlight. The vineyards of La Traversa, in fact, do not suffer from the stagnation of humidity in the valley floors, nor from the excessive ventilation of plots at higher altitudes: we have the ideal conditions for obtaining great grapes, without which our excellent wines would not exist, complemented by vinifications carried out with meticulousness, sweetness, passion.

The Terroir

“Langa” is an ancient Piedmontese word for “crest”: this area consists of a series of narrow hills winding inland from Liguria along the Tanaro Valley. A landscape of flowing slopes, punctuated by clusters of ancient villages drawn from the harmonious geometry of the vineyards. It is difficult land to work, and these vineyards bear witness to the meticulous attention to detail that transformed these steep hillsides into land suitable for viticulture.


In a territory characterized by medium levels of limestone, our lands are very rich in white clay.


Plentiful spring rains provide a good water supply, allowing the vines to cope with the summer (often dry and warm), and to maintain a healthy balance throughout their vegetative and reproductive phases.


Nebbiolo is the most important grape from the Langhe, and one of the most important in Italy, although it is not particularly common. Wines from this grape exhibit their territory markedly, through aromatic nuances and unique tastes. Nebbiolo produces very different wines depending on soil type, exposure and microclimate. It is safe to say that tasting a nebbiolo-based wine, is equivalent to tasting the true flavor of the territory from which it hails.

The Wines

Barolo Riserva