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Le Bocce

All the elegance of Chianti Classico

Guided by the very best studies on “made in Italy” grapes and their cultivation, our wine project found a second home in the historic Chianti Classico region. The superb grape growing quality of this region has been acknowledged for centuries. As early as 1716, the Grand Duke of Tuscany had established its boundaries.

Our choice was Le Bocce, perched on the edge of Florentine lands, bordering the province of Siena. Chianti Classico is a wine of great elegance, freshness and refinement. At Le Bocce we create long-lived, gently tannic wines – soft but never flat, fresh but never acidic: a wonderful example of the harmony found in high-quality wines.

At Le Bocce, we have maintained the building structure of the original medieval village: our complete restoration paid great respect to genuine materials and construction techniques. It was an enormous undertaking – but we knew what we were doing – we were protecting a heritage built with loving hands. How could we have done otherwise?

The Terroir

Chianti Classico is a bewitching land, rough and wild. Its rolling hills, cloaked with vegetation, furrowed by characteristic ravines (here known as “borri”), rich in game. Here we find the most typical Tuscan landscapes, punctuated with small stone villages that preserve their original charm. This is Le Bocce.


The presence of marl with silt and clay make the soil permeable and, at the same time, rich in all the nutrients needed to promote the healthy ripening of the grapes.


In summer, the hillside climate offers a good contrast between day and night time temperatures. Winter, on the other hand, has softer temperature differences, allowing the fruit to reach its optimum phenolic ripeness, resulting in fresh, balanced wines. Our microclimate here in Panzano, along with our unique terrain and mid-hill altitude, confers a splendid balance on our wines.


Here sangiovese explodes with impressive variability: at high altitudes, it produces elegant, fruity wines; from low-lying areas, we obtain structured, tannic ones. Colorino makes a beautiful match with sangiovese, where the tannic majesty of one blends with the colorful softness of the other. Canaiolo adds to the elegance and fruity notes, in the best tradition of great, early maturing Chianti.

The Wines

Paladino - Rosso Toscano

Rubor - Chianti Classico Riserva

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

Chiantico - Chianti Classico

Solers - Rosso Toscano