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Our passion continues Passion you inherit, like a vineyard. Passion is cultivated, like a vine. Passion is preserved, like a fine wine.

Four generations
of winemakers

Who can say if in that faraway 1939, Stefano Farina, our beloved founder, ever imagined that his passion for wine – really good wine – would be passed down and thrive through several generations. – Or that it would blossom into a group holding wineries in Piedmont, Tuscany and Apulia. Indeed, who knows?

His work was his passion, carried out tenaciously and relentlessly, even on Sundays and holidays; for as the poet says, “he who loves his work, never labors”. His passion was contagious, caught first by his children, then transmitted to his grandchildren and then again, passed on to his great-great-grandchildren: today’s guardians of his trust.

Regardless of who he was – father, grandfather or great-grandfather, for all of us his passion continues, and in all of us – the passion continues.

A winery as big as Italy

We have brought together the best of Made in Italy wine under a single experience.


Ours is the Piedmont of Morra and Barolo, the hills around Alba and Bassa Langa. Ours is the Piedmont of DolcettoBarbaresco, of the great Barbera. In 1975, we acquired our first property here, in the area of Barolo. Twenty years later, with the purchase of San Quirico, the territory of Alba became part of our world – part of Stefano Farina’s world.

land of Chianti

Tuscany has no competition for the starring role in Italian wine history – except perhaps for Piedmont. So when we were looking for new prospects, Tuscany was an obvious “must have” for our collection. We see the heart and spirit of Tuscany in the colors of the high Chianti and Casentino, and breath it from the rich aromas of our Chianti Classico, excellent Sassaia di Albereto, and Rosso Toscano: heady wines we create from a base of sangiovese, the most important vine in this rich territory.

Mediterranean Scents

Salento has always held a special place in our hearts. This is where our patriarch began his life-long romance with wine, in this land poised by the sea. The La Rosa del Salice estate made the perfect complement to our other properties. Since the dawn of the new millennium, it has made us proud producers of Salento.

Our wines

We have brought together the best of Made in Italy wine under a single experience.


Red Wines

Barolo — Chianti Classico — Primitivo del Salento

From Barolo to Chianti Classico, from Dolcetto to Barbera d’Alba, from the Tuscan tradition based on Sangiovese to the character of the Salento Primitivo, our Reds travel through an oenological journey that from Piedmont to Puglia – passing through Tuscany – is a great enhancement of indigenous combined with research and innovation.

White Wines

Langhe Doc Chardonnay — Bianco di Toscana Novembre — Bianco del Salento Donna Giovanna

From the delicacy of a Gavi to the aromas of a Moscato d’Asti, from the fruity aromas of meditation whites to the exotic ones of pure sauvignon blanc, our Whites are an inebriating cross-section of freshness in the form of wine.


Other Wines

Prosecco Superiore Spumante Extra Dry
Rosato del Salento Donna Giovanna

Autochthonous in purity that do not give up on vinifications that look to the future: all our wines are the result of a perfect balance between territory and innovation. The result is, always, our great pleasure in the glass.