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The Winery

Passion is inherited,
like a vineyard.
Passion is cultivated,
like a vine.
Passion is kept,
like a good wine.

We are proud of our story: that of Stefano Farina and his love for the land and for wine. That of his three children: three brothers who have not only inherited the same passion as their father, but who have been able to pass it on in turn to generations to come. It is the story of our family. It is the history of our company.

Once upon a time
there was a real Italian family with wine
in their soul.

Our story begins with a restaurant. We are in the thirties of the twentieth century and Stefano is the innkeeper together with Giovanna, his wife. Within these walls, where you not only cook but also mix wine, Stefano understands that enology intrigues him more than food. He therefore decides to compete with a real winery, which he opens in 1939, despite the winds of war: his passion for good wine is not stopped by what is happening in the world. That Stefano Farina was a determined man can be sensed right from the start.

In 1941 Stefano and Giovanna moved to Erba, which became the nerve center not only of their own family but of those to come: even Bruno, Giancarlo and Gino – their children – would live here, with their wives and with their descendants. Ours is an Italian family that has found the key to success in sharing.

There is no good wine without good viticulture. These are the years in which Stefano transmits his passion for wine to Giancarlo, his second son: going to study oenology in Alba will be the most natural decision, in the wake of a passion that is not only inherited from his father but that he feels his own. After completing his studies, he understands that it is not enough for him to bottle and sell other people’s wine: he wants to make the wine himself!

Our wines

We have brought together the best of Made in Italy wine under a single experience.

In the beginning it was Piedmont

It is in that land that hosted him during his studies, it is in that Piedmont with such a vocation that a simple idea takes shape that will become Giancarlo’s oenological project, enthusiastically supported by his father and brothers: to become protagonists in areas that have made history some wine. That project, today, has five Estates between Piedmont, Tuscany and Puglia. In the mid-seventies, it was precisely Piedmont, with La Morra, that became part of our lands: La Traversa was the first winery of the Group.

With your feet on the ground

Since then, we have built our success on four more acquisitions. The idea is always the initial one: to be protagonists in among the most suitable Italian terroirs. Every choice is reasoned and shared by everyone, father and sons: far-sighted yes, but with their feet on the ground.

… and wings to
the heart

After La Morra it was the turn of Chianti Classico, then of Albese and Casentino. Finally, from Salento, a seaside land where the wines initially marketed by our progenitor came from. Precisely for this link with our history, Puglia is particularly loved in the family.

Our milestones



We took the first step in our long journey – registering Stefano Farina as a sole proprietorship company for the bottling and marketing of wine.




The one-man show gave way to “Stefano Farina and Sons”, bringing in Bruno, Giancarlo and Gino!



With the establishment of “Cascina La Traversa” Giancarlo Farina & Co, a little bit of the wonderful Barolo region became ours: we were on the way to becoming highly respected winemakers.




After Barolo, came Chianti Classico: in Panzano in Chianti, “Fattoria Le Bocce” placed a new pin on our wine-making map.



No wine guide would be complete without speaking of Alba’s hills, where dolcetto gives its very best in its famous namesake wine. With San Quirico, in Diano d’Alba, we started a new chapter in our history.




With the new millennium, Tuscany became synonymous with Chianti. The acquisition of L’Albereto in Subbiano saw us expanding our production as far as Casentino.



These lands were destined for agriculture. We dedicated our efforts to planting vines on our plots at “La Rosa del Salice”. Salento was our last stop. For the moment.