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Not all our wines come from indigenous grapes. In our Salento production range, we are proud of our single varietal Sauvignon Blanc. Vinified without skins, Donna Giovanna is a very balanced table wine, with the classic aromas of exotic fruit. Dedicated to Giovanna, our beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother.

From negroamaro grapes that undergo an extended maceration, this wine is aged in oak and refined in the bottle. The result is an intense and velvety red, typical of Salento. With its impressive capacity for aging it is the perfect wine for experiencing and appreciating all the spicy scents of Apulia’s most famous native grape.  

The negroamaro grape is very widespread in Apulia. In Salento, these grapes give us full-bodied, well-rounded wines with heady aromas. The harmony of our Donna Giovanna, dedicated to our family matriarch, is a perfect example of this varietal.  

Our Primitivo carries the full strength of its territory and all the pleasure of a modern wine: captivating, capable of enchanting even the most discerning palates. Our winemaking style with this native grape, produces an indisputably pleasant and easy to drink wine.